Have You Been Involved With Someone Who Has Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

Are You Finding no matter what you do that you just can't get over or past a relationship? Are you still finding yourself going back either physically or emotionally trying to find resolution or closure?

It may be that you have been involved with someone who is a narcissist or has narcissistic personality disorder.

Are you Experiencing:

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Feelings of Low Self-Worth

Inability to Cope

Suicidal Thoughts


Obsessive Thoughts

Inability to Recover


It begins with a feeling that something just isn't right in your life. You may suspect your mate or significant other, but you can't be sure!

You may feel there is something wrong with you!

Your own research or visit to a professional therapist may bring you to the conclusion that you have suffered narcissistic abuse.

Narcissism effects the victim on a very deep soul level. It is a type of "soul rape" that leaves the victim feeling very violated on many levels.

Not only might you be feeling a deep sense of violation but you might also be feeling as if something has been taken from you. That is because something has been taken!

Over a period of time you have unconsciously been giving away pieces of your soul until you feel there is not much left. You are left feeling empty, used, and discarded like a worn out shoe.


Is There Life After Narcissistic Abuse?


Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse is a process and it takes time, however recovery can happen much quicker if you understand what has happened and know what you can do to take back your power.

Narcisstic Abuse takes place on a soul level and this is where the healing has to take place.

This is not just Psychological abuse, it is Psycho Spiritual Abuse! Your spirit has been depleted!

Psychology focuses on healing the wounded inner child, increasing your feelings of self-worth and other modalities to help you with the mental and emotional aspects of abuse and recovery.

Although this can be very helpful it is not all that is needed!

Recovery from Narcissistic abuse must happen on a spiritual level. I'm not referring to any kind of religious belief system. It is not religious healing I am talking about!

Spiritual Healing is "of the spirit!" It is the process of working with the life-force energy within you; the part of you that feels passion, excitement, hope, promise and all those things you likely felt at the beginning of your relationship with a narcissist!

The goal is to get yourself back! Your Life-force doesn't and never did belong to the narcissist in your life!


Your life-force energy belongs to you!

If you don't work hard to cut the psychic chords between you and your abuser, the recovery process can drag on for a very long time.

We can spend our energy delving into our past, talking about our parents, our inner wounded child, our past relationships, issues of self-esteem and self-worth and all of it will mean nothing if you are still psychically attached to the narcissist. This could be your problem.


My name is Kaleah LaRoche and I have gone through two long-term relationships with two different men whom I believe had Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I have been to the bottom of the barrel, feeling completely depleted of my life-force energy and my desire to live. I have suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Long-Term Depression.



I tried a lot of things to get over my symptoms and take back my power but realize the normal methods for releasing a relationship didn't work.

When I was in my early twenties I was in a physically abusive relationship and when I finally found my strength to leave I was so glad to be out of there. I didn't question myself or doubt myself because the evidence was right in front of my face. He was obviously abusive.

But with the narcissistic relationship I was filled with self-doubt and uncertainty. Although I eventually left each relationship I still struggled with the self-doubt and under lying feelings of low self-worth.

Even after leaving I was still feeling powerless!

The good news is, after the second relationship I knew what to do!


I went from taking three years to recover from a three year narcissistic relationship to less than six months to recover from a four year narcissistic relationship.

By the time I left the second relationship I had the tools and I knew what to do to heal and get myself back. I was able to recover in record time and move on to have a successful healthy relationship right away.

I learned how to become narcissism proof! So I would no longer attract that energy into my life, or be attracted to it!

I learned how to identify the psychic abuse that had taken place and stop any further psychic attacks.

I learned powerful tools to get my soul back and protect myself from further psychic soul intrusion.


This may sound strange or "woo woo" to you, however, the psychic cord, or invisible energy stream, between you and the narcissist is very real! It is the continuation of this psychic energy stream after the relationship has ended that keeps you engaged with that person.

Out of my experiences I was internally guided to write what I had learned so that others could save valuable time in their own recovery.

"Spiritual Recovery From Narcissistic Abuse" is a powerful E-book available immediately for Instant Download so you can begin taking the necessary steps to get your life back, right away!

Download this E-book Now for only $19.97

In my E-book "Spiritual Recovery from Narspiritual recovery ebookcissistic Abuse" I will show you how you can cut those energetic ties to your past, recover your soul, and take your life back!

"Spiritual Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse" is 100 pages of important "transforming" information to help you begin taking the right action today, that will empower you and change your life!


Previews Inside The Book



You don't have to take my word for how this book can help you get back on track with your life. Here are what some of the readers have to say:

"Just to let you know that I bought your E book on Spiritual recovery and you have no idea how immensely helpful it has been to me. It has really moved me to healing. I think it is the best work that I have read on Nism. It shows us the right direction. Thank you for your book. You have no idea how helpful you have been to others."

"I wanted to thank you for writing your book and offering everything that you offer to those of us who have suffered the abuse of being with a personality disordered partner, ie narcissist. Your book worked so well for me. Why? I am not really sure but nothing else was really working so i tried what your book said and within a couple of weeks it was all gone. So.......I thank you and wish you my best."

"Thank you so much for your e-book! I did what you suggested...and, I already feel so much better. I was writing in my journal one morning...about cutting the umbilical cord...and, then I went online and I found your site...and, I found the psychic separation section to be so very helpful to me. It has been years since I've been with the narcisssistic/psychopathic man I fell in love with...but, everyday...for 16 years...I've thought about him...and, after doing your exercises...I still
thought about him...but, amazingly...I awakened this morning...and, it was like...well....I really don't want to be with him at all.

"I love your book. It’s very helpful- and it’s confirming some of my instincts about what to do to heal myself and take my life back. It’s big work, and I feel more hopeful now than ever before. Thanks again for the book, and for your prayers. I truly appreciate them."

"You probably receive hundreds of these emails (and rightly so!), but I just wanted to thank you so much for producing this wonderful resource. It’s so well written, put together and extremely accurate and has helped me no end. Needless to say I directly encountered my own psychic vampire relationship, and it was a horrible experience. It was your fantastic web site that allowed me to convert the trauma I endured into a sense of understanding and then recovery.

Thank you so much for what you have done for me and I’m sure countless others."

"Btw, I found it to be very helpful. I’m recovering from a seven year relationship with a narcissist and it’s been extremely difficult to move on."

"Your book finally made me see that he had done to me exactly what his parents had done to him and he had gotten me to do the same thing he had done to prove to someone, anyone, that he was not as bad as they made him out to be."

"I think you are an angel God placed here for us who just don't get it and will never understand someone like that"



narcissim recoveryDownload this E-book Now for only $19.97


With this E-book not only will you learn how to disconnect the energetic cords between you and the narcissist and protect yourself psychically from his/her energy, you will also learn how you can use your experiences with narcissism to make you stronger and more powerful than you have ever been before!



narcissistic personality disorderYou will begin to see how this experience may actually be assisting you to step more fully into who you are!


You could very well look back on this time and thank the narcissist for playing the role he did that helped you to reclaim your true, empowered self!

You will begin to understand how "Karma" works and how what comes around really does go around. Even if we aren't there to witness the repercussions.

You will learn how to recognize your own true worth and value and see how the narcissist was projecting his unconscious reality upon you!

You will learn how to give back what is not yours to carry and take back what is!

Finally you will learn how to come full circle and help others who are going through this same process. You may even offer this E-book for sale to others, as a tool, to help them with their recovery.



Download this E-book Now for only $19.97

Purchase this E-book "risk free" today and receive the following bonus:


Psychic Conversations

How To Communicate with Someone Who is Physically or Emotionally Unavailable!

In this bonus E-book you will learn additional powerful information that will help you sever ties to your past once and for all!

  • Learn About the Psychic Power of Letter Writing
  • Learn How to Have a Psychic Conversation
  • Learn How to Cut Psychic Cords to Negative Energy!

In Psychic Conversations you will learn how to free yourself of negative energy and destructive emotions that are preventing you from moving forward in your life!

This is powerful workshop information valued at $35.00 but I am giving it to you as a FREE bonus with the purchase of my E-book Spiritual Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse!"


Also included in the E-book is some of the music, stories, and poetry I wrote during my own spiritual journey of recovery.

No Risk Guarantee!

emotional abuseYou can purchase this book 100% risk free! If for any reason this does not bring you the experiences you desire to move forward in your life you can simply write to me and request your money back within 60 days of purchase.



purchse spiritual recovery from narcissistic abuse


And Begin The Journey to Take Your Life Back!

The download for this E-book will be provided in a PDF format immediately upon approval of your purchase!

If you prefer to order by Cashiers Check or Money Order Please contact us.


Whether or not you decide to get "Spiritual Recovery From Narcissistic Abuse" today I am offering you my free E-book
"Seven Steps To Breaking Free From Narcissistic Abuse" as a gift for visiting my Website.

Just fill out your name and Email below and you will get the book delivered into your email box.



For More Information Contact Us!


About the Author

Narcissistic Personality DisorderKaleah has studied Narcissistic Personality Disorder for over eight years and was in two personal relationships with men who seemed to have the disorder which is what led her to the study.

She is a Holistic Counselor, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Intuitive Counselor. She is actively studying shamanism and has been on a spiritual growth path since she was very young. Kaleah is also a musician with three CD's to her credit.

Kaleah has found through shamanic/spiritual work that one who is dealing with abuse trauma not only in Narcissistic Abuse but any kind, can have a very powerful transformation when using the methods written about in her book. She was guided to bring this info to the mainstream in hope of helping more people.

You can learn more about Kaleah and her work at: www.narcissismfree.com.

E-book | Narcissistic Personality Disorder | Personal Recovery | Narcissism Free |
Counseling | Narcissism: The Web of Illusion | Contact

© 2014, Kaleah LaRoche, all rights reserved

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