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This support Group has been set up for those who are serious about their own recovery.

There are a set of guidelines I am putting in place that I feel are important to your personal growth and empowerment.

Without these guidelines you risk staying in a disempowering place.

The goal of our group is recovery! Recovery happens in stages, which is why I am setting the group up to reflect the different stages of recovery.


There are four stages of recovery:

Level One: You have just discovered you've been in a relationship with someone who seems to have the traits of a narcissist. You may or may not have left the relationship but are clearly intending to do so. You have come to the group to get support in leaving and coping with your current situation. You are likely in a lot of pain, possibly more pain than you ever remember experiencing. At this point you are just seeking some kind of relief!

Level Two: You are out of the relationship and have ended it! It has been less than three months since the relationship ended. You have cut off all possible contact with the ex including Email, Instant Messenging, Phone, Letters, and Third Party Communication. The only exception is if you have children. If you have children you have set up some kind of third party mediation to handle all business. You are still in a lot of pain but feel you are making some progress.

Level Three: You have had no contact with the narcissistic personality for at least six months. You have regained some degree of sanity and are feeling stronger every day. You may have weak moments and difficult days but feel you are progressing toward your empowerment.

Level Four: You have had no contact with the narcissistic personality for at least a year. Your life has moved on and you are feeling so much stronger than you did when you first started. You may not feel you are entirely healed but you are in a place where you can offer a lot of assistance and encouragement to the first three levels!


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