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Guidelines for the Narcissistic Abuse Support Forum



The Guidelines are as follows:

  1. This is not a place where you will go to tell your victim story over and over again. We do not want to hear what he or she did to you this time! We want you to focus on what you are learning about yourself and your own progress. I recommend you post your story at the very beginning of your enrollment in this group so others will know you and where you are coming from. Then it is time to begin re-writing your story.

  2. Your focus is to be strictly on your own recovery. You are not to give advise to others at this stage but are encouraged to share what you are learning in your own experiences. This prevents us from focusing too much outside of ourselves and keep our energy where it needs to be. On our own self-discovery.

  3. We do give encouragement. We encourage each other to look within for our own answers. This is empowerment. If someone asks for suggestions or feedback than feel free to respond.

  4. We learn to see each other in our highest light. Remember we are all in training to be our fully empowered selves so this is what we want to encourage in each other. See the highest and the best in each person here.

  5. Respect the differences of opinions! We are all beautifully unique and have our own voices. This is a safe place in which to express our own truth in a respectful way.

  6. Encourage Dreams! We are the creators of our own reality so we may as well create a beautiful one! Lets encourage each other to dream big.

  7. There is no time limit on when one should begin dating again. However we encourage one does not begin dating until he/she has regained a strong sense of self. One should date from a full cup not an empty one! We don't look outside of ourselves for someone to fill our cup. We learn to fill our own and this can happen quickly or slowly.

  8. Although this support group is based on spiritual recovery it is non-religious. All beliefs are welcome and respected. We acknowledge that we will have a greater sense of recovery when we approach it from a psycho-spiritual perspective rather than a stricly psychological perspective. We will most likely be talking about methods used in the book such as psychic chord cutting, energy work and psychic conversations. These are effective methods to cut the energetic chords that tie us to someone who is still feeding from our energy.

  9. It is O.K. to express your deepest pain here and share your feelings. However we encourage you to log in on good days and bad days so you are sure to post the progress you are making. It is also helpful to others when you share both.

  10. KUDOS! Lets celebrate each other as we transition to each level and also for the small successes along the way! Also celebrate yourself! Do something special for you! I want to hear about the things you all do to celebrate yourself!


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